Gogoro is a geeky electric scooter with the soul of a motorbike

After getting a tour of Gogoro’s flagship store in downtown Taipei, I reached a conclusion about the company’s electronic scooters: they’re geekcycles. What else would you call a bike that lets you use your phone to upload custom chime sounds for the turn signals? A bike whose app allots “merit badges” for triumphs like using a charging station at night or riding a certain distance between charges? When I saddled into the bike for a test drive, I thought I was atop a charming – if slightly nerdy – ride.

I thought wrong. My mistake dawned on me about two turns into our test drive, as the kindly shop assistant, Amy, opened the freaking throttle and fired us from a full stop to 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph) in a matter of seconds. And she was just getting started.

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