Year of the Smart Bike

You’re standing in line at a coffee shop, ready to order, when your cellphone goes off. It’s from your bike: ‘Someone is stealing me!’ Ignoring the eager barista, you burst from the cafe to spot a bike thief in action. He panics, and bails.

Or let’s take another scenario. You click your helmet into place, hunch over the handle bars, ratchet up to a high gear and begin pedaling so fast it feels like your knees will hit you in the nose. You fly from Waibaidu Bridge on the North Bund to Yan’an Lu on the South in record time. You pull over, catch your breath and check your phone. Damn! A good speed, but the app says another cyclist has done better.

Those are the type of situations that the people at Basic Conception are hoping will attract business. After 10 months of research, design and development, the Shanghai-based start-up is getting ready to present its technology-equipped ‘BiCi’ smart bike to the world.

[Read in That’s Shanghai, February 2015]